Humanitarian Disaster

Photographing life of refugees affected by war, and working conditions of humanitarian workers and doctors in refugee camps in Iraq.

Kabertoo refugee camp is one of the six refugee camps close to city of Dohuk. Camps are similar to small town with population around 20.000 – 30.000 people. Many of them have daily job either in camps or in the city.

Basketball game with flat ball. Camps are full of activities. Children has official playgrounds, but there are many football games on the streets as well.

Different religions, one doctor. Usually they wouldn’t sit together. Are doctors connecting them in some way?

Kids coming to visit a doctor. Mobile clinics enable doctors to visit remote villages. It is a time, when residents meet at one place.

Grateful woman receiving milk for her child. Milk distribution is one of the small projects in STEP-IN that helps many families in need.

Panoramic shot of woman walking in front of clinic. New road construction in a refugee camp made all residence dirty. They put newspaper and poster on fresh asphalt, so they can cross the streets.

Doctor is using window to read x-ray image. Patients does their x-ray scans in governmental hospitals. But lack of doctors forces them to visit NGOs to get a diagnosis.

Roof of the church in Quaraquosh – city destroyed by defeated ISIS.

Vertical panorama of basilica in Qaraqosh – ISIS heavily destroyed and burned only churches, but also huge part of the city.

Shooting range in a church yard. ISIS used mannequins as their targets for practicing.

360 panorama of destroyed clinic by ISIS. STEP-IN agreed that it should be re-constructed and served for returning families.

Waiting for the over…